I'm a frustrated chef & an award winning film director. In fact I'm a translator. I translate a script into compelling and emotive messages with sounds and images. I have a black belt in storytelling and an exceptional eye for making food look good. I have established myself as a well-respected artist on the leading edge of the table top and advertising industry. My work mostly consists of little pieces of film known as commercials. I have worked with a wide variety of clients and agencies. Born into a family that was a film industry pillar in Mexico City. Both my parents were commercial directors. I have honed my skills over 17 years of experience in international, national, US Hispanic and multicultural production environments. London Film School graduate. 

I have experience working in VR with a broad technical knowledge across end-to-end digital and VR app delivery. Check out the immersive footage I shot for the Mexican National Football Team.

I have 3 nationalities, but I'm a globetrotter and a citizen of the world. I prepare a mean Spanish tortilla.

Currently repped by: Altered.LA [USA] - Spicy Studios [Mexico]